What Keeps You Up at Night?

I know you're sad and I'm hurting your heart,
You think a lot but your mind is dark,
You are my host and I'm feeding on your soul,
I only have one goal,
Corrupting your thoughts, I make you cry,
Planning out how you will die,
I cut your wrists, I write your letter,
Hoping one day, you will feel better,
Try this drug so you can cope,
I'm just waiting for you to give up hope,
You want hope, but you're scared to ask,
Halloween every day, always wearing a mask,
I'll make you so numb, you can't feel,
Getting hard to differ what is real,
Making you afraid of everything, it's true,
I live in your brain and in your heart too,
Praying to God you won't hurt anyone else, amen,
Depression has won this fight again.

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