What Lies Beneath

Surface wounds are just for show
It's the mental ones that hide below
Surface wounds heal with time
But these are deep mental festering wounds of mine
Skin wounds bleed and scar
But no one sees what lies beneath for what they truly are
They fester and filled with a repulsive disease
No amount of love or care can cure these
Mentally bleeding, and spreading a malice
The only thing that covers them is a delicate mental callous
Even though we try our best to seal them up
There are always there waiting for a mental slip up
Like a flood gate they open, they catch you off guard
They hit you full force, and they hit you hard
It creeps over your mind like a sickening plague
Like a sudden awaken beast gone completely renegade
It's hard not to let this eat at my mind
Maybe one day I will find
Find a way to seal the doors
Doors that will prevent further sickness from these mental sores

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Emotional scars