What Life Means to Me.

To me, life is a tool.
Life is a tool
Because we use it to mold other people's life
Into roads of uneven pavement.
I've been there and the guilt builds up everyday,
The hatred that I feel,
The troubled that I caused to my sister
And days goes by with a gloomy smile on my mother's face.
She has depression.
In her eyes tears form without even dropping
And everyday depression etches farther into her heart.
I wish I could do something,
I wish I could turn back time to that day.
August 15, 2012,
Life turn hell in one night,
Like an domino effect leading one thing to another.
What life means to me is like running away from this nightmare,
In the dark forest of my mind
And everything drags me down into this deep abyss.

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