What Made You Mine

What Made You Mine

Dante was once asked
By the women of Florence
What it was that made Beatrice
The focus of his love
And from that point on
The poet searched for the words
That could satisfy the curiosity
Of those who lacked the experience
Of something without comparison
And by nature always new
And never the same

Today curiosity has brought
The same request to me
And the answer I gave
I send now to you
As a gesture toward
The thing that was true
For me and for you:

“What made her mine
For a short time
Were those details
Invisible to the world
So microscopic are they
So foreign a language
Do they seem
One would never find
The grammar book
To decipher the origin
Of its morphology and syntax
And there is no dictionary
For its infinite lexicon”

“Nouns, adjectives and adverbs
Were said without counting
The number of syllables
They all seemed to be
When it came to you and me
In the right place
As we navigated in that sea
That is meant to break ground
And can never be bound”

This was my answer
And on reflection
I could not help add
That what made you mine
For a short time
Can never be said in rhyme

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