What me Succeed.

It's hard out here doing right,
Money ain't the same, cause the game set the price,
Nicca starve out here,
For a bite,
But any given night ,
A nicca take your life,
We all sacrifice just to live the way we like,
Some up in hills cause they deal going right,
Back to gutta for those my type,
I was born in this life,
Thorns on each side,
Rubble on the top messing up my site,
How high is the price gotta pay it every night,
Standing on my own cause my vision getting right,
Made a decision now intention looking bright,
So my mission to get right,
Sacrificed for my deeds, even wrongs can turn to rights,
If your heart ain't set on greed,
Poverty part of life and accepting wants from needs,
Vision set on living and not just dying in streets,
Ain't no lying left in me,
I'm just trying to succeed and be best at my conquest,
And ain't no doubt in me.
What me Succeed.

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This Poems Story

Personal struggles in life can't offen mold us in certain ways but we have decisions and ambition to live our life a certain way.