What ($$$) Money Can’t Buy

By Da Poet   

I treasure the love that covers me,
an omnipotent love which I cannot see.
I know it's there it takes care of my needs,
that which ($$$) money can't buy,
I'm so eternally grateful to thee.

Love woke me up this morning,
love started me on my way,
and although I have pains in my body,
it doesn't hinder my day.

I see it in the sky,
I see it in when it rains,
I see the mountains majesty,
the sun, the breeze, and the plains.

Immeasurable treasures their all ours,
the oceans, the land, and even the flowers.
Money can't buy these treasures for me,
for these things belong to GOD to decree.

Life cannot be bought although many have tried,
for you can't put price on the treasure of a smile.
So wipe away the tears from your eyes,
somethings you won't find in a grocery isle.

Love is the greatest treasure of all,
and still some try to purchase that,
but love has to be given,
and sent from GOD and that's a fact.

Now you can buy a mansion,
or a big expensive fancy car,
but when it comes to love,
your dollars won't go very far.


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