What Next?

Like a huge clanging door shut tight,
Closing the world to all we knew,
Instilling angst that bleak winter night,
Leaving millions paralyzed without a clue.
A killer tackling young and old,
Invading so many it its path,
Gasping breath, sweat and chilling cold,
An enemy bent on unrelenting wrath
Attacking not only body, but soul,
Spreading its venom in poisonous bites,
Crippling the poor, the weak within its fold,
Causing healthy and wealthy to fear its blight.
Orders from the governor were uttered.
Wear masks to stop the spread,
Stores, parks, pubs, beaches were shuttered.
Theaters went black to contain the dead.
People quarantined to thwart the plague,
Intense panic was projected on every face.
What would become of the human race?
Summer's shades of green rekindled hope.
People were healed; we learned to cope.
Wiping our brow, but still very vexed,
Pondering the future, we wondered: What next?

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