What of Love

Love is but a whisper, a gentle breeze upon the skin...
its a smile, a simple gesture that slowly pulls you in
a flower upon the vine reaching towards the morning sun
tenderness and mercy, a knot when tied cannot be undone
Its a butterfly that lands on your shoulder at sunset
Its memories and private jokes that you never will forget
sometimes it seems like thunder and other times like rain
but its the lonely midnight rider that drives on through the pain.
Loves the quietest of moments the darkness in a room
the stillness of your chaos, the hope in all your doom
Loves continual and factual and its steadfast through the years
Its found in a new born babies cries, and an older woman's tears
Love is knowing that no matter what it will be here for the years
It is consistent and it is faithful, stronger than all your fears
It is like a kiss from heaven under a star filled night
Love is the simple act of reaching out and makes a dim soul bright

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