What our love is

Is this what they call love is??
Then yes I am in love..just like there are variety of seasons here,you are a mixture of multiple feelings in my heart..I really love our 2am conversations which are pure and what they call "direct Dil se"..the silly talks that I do, the useless arguments I do and you never give up on me..
I like to tell you each and every detail of my everyday life despite of knowing that you are disinterested sometimes..I don't know how during these conversations I started falling for you knowing the fact that you will have someone else in your life one day..still I fell for you..shit man how can I love someone that much?

I can't say your soul is not pure or you are not truthful but just like alphabets make a complete word so your absence make me feel lonely..
If u say u love me then love me without any filters..don't love me like having cigarette because when it's burned it's over..dont love me like drinking beer,once intoxication gone it will end..love me like surfing net and make me your addiction..love me like having 2 coffees and one dairymilk under the moonlight..love me like having one blanket and your chest as pillow in cosy winter mornings..love me like having chilled mango juice with one straw in hot summers.. love me like getting wet in rain and kissing on lips while holding my waist..love me like listening to "ki darkhast hai ye,jo ayi Raat hai ye,tu meri bahoon me duniya bhula de" in ferry lights inside room..you bring the best out in me.. you are sensitive and as emotional as me..a complete copy of me..

I know we both had our painful past and present but still I hope to have my dreamland with you where only our promises,love, emotions, feelings will be our priority..where if you cry I will cry too, you smile I will smile wider.. promise to be each other's everything.. morning or night each other's love will be enough.. I just want to be happy once and experience this magical feeling of love..

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