What really makes me think...

What really makes me think?

Problems needing to be solved.

Blank canvases begging for tomorrow's masterpiece.

Scrambled outlines of term papers evoking last call for written themes.

Islands for which my mind paints several scenes, just waiting to be seen.

You want to know what's on my mind? Seriously?

Well, You see, here's what really gets me thinking...

Drawbacks, I think, what if I never went through these?

A life never lived really makes me start to think of all the possibilities.

A world never seen turns my brain into the maker of all things of probability.

You want to know what makes my mind do such amazing things? Really?

Well, You see, my mind moves to everything out of my current feasibility.

The night before I'm thinking of sentences that will probably never even break free.

Landscapes I've never seen are places my imagination can never leave.

Hiding behind eyelids, two pupils see a masterpiece without an art set moving.

To speak my mind, you say I should speak whatever makes me tick, but I disagree.

What about information my brain is just a paragraph away from collecting.

Emotions that have sat for way too long start assembling for desperate sorting.

A portal to my imagination triggers with the places I have yet to journey.

The things on my mind plan an excursion beyond someone speaking.

Seriously? You want me to tell everyone and anyone what I'm thinking?

Well, You see, I hope your not asking for what my brain inputs visually.

Speaking my mind on anything starts by piecing together a very long story.

Opening my mouth means finding the right ideas in a mess of living things.

What's on my mind is a blueprint to keep sane brought to you by my brain.

Really? You think it's that easy?

The things I say here today are mapped out by a spot not plain to everyone's brain.

I would just like to speak about the things that make my brain extraordinarily be free.

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