what rhythm, what rhyme

regard in what jest the contest may afford
do i humbly doth tend to attend to accord
for if it be poem what ye seeks to find
here's what most trite what rhythm and what rhyme

about which remains hazy not dim no not sure
the content the gist of the matter at fore
fail to blame hope i to doth find ye
for obscure terms set no certain won't heed

invent now i must pithy song and a dance
lest i transgress the submission at a glance
the substance herein i hope ye to find dull
contain no begin no accord nay most not awe

espouse as a mode guidelines doth have i thus
with sustainable rhythm tandem with no fuss
since what afore constitutes what doth be my goal
grant that rule one be met in part and in whole

six other tests further lay pending away
for the farce what a farce i write you to this day
see that each line commit to minor seventy
and that the whole no more than six add twenty

little to make of capitals and punctuation as i avoided their graces

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