What Road Is This I Look Upon?

What road is this I look upon
Of which my eyes discern no end?
Where it might lead I cannot know,
Except to see beyond its bend.

Along its bound'ries I see well
Nature's fair gems of beauty bright.
It seems to me those vibrant buds
Could ne'er succumb to dark of night.

And yet, great shadows lend themselves
To darken portions of this way,
Bringing dismal frigidity
To coarsely quash the zeal of day.

And at the furthest strained extent,
To which my mortal eyes can see,
There flaccid blossoms waxing dim
Entwine with rapturous ecstasy.

From what I can see of its end
And all that is along its way,
I don't think it rash to construe
This road bends toward eternity.

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