What She Did

Reflection in the mirror, covered in blood.
Water on the floor, I drowned my soul in the tub.
Drugs crushed on the sink, this is what I do for a rush.
Friends banging on the door and they're begging out of love,
I need another hit so I don't feel.
Another hit so I deal.
And they scream "You have to let us in to heal! Another hit could kill!"
I know, but I don't care about the harm.
I wore my heart on my sleeve, She still left. She's still gone.
I want to take that knife out my back, and amputate the arm.
She's so cold.
She's so cold.
She's so cold after doing that snow off the counter.
Guard your heart if ever you come around Her.
She's colder than the middle of December.
She's the type to ruin your life, trust me you would let Her.
Because She's that beauty that you only find in hell.
So your soul you would sell.
Your soul you would sell.
What you get for it won't be much.
Just a crippled heart, and those vices as a crutch.
I tell people I'm fine without Her.
But they know it's just a bluff.
Because they see me sitting getting drunk until I'm sick and throwing up.

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