What She's Thinking

I sit there looking at her, wondering what she's thinking;
She looks so fragile now, and you can see her heart is breaking.
All the doctors and the pills help sustain her life,
But while she's doing all that, how can she be a wife?
With all the time the doctors take trying to find a cure,
Her family stays in touch, spending all their time with her.
She watches as her grandkids play, but they don't understand,
So she tells them all to sit down, and she grabs them by the hand.
She wants so badly to say goodbye,
To tell them all she's going to die.
She's fought so long, and it's getting hard,
But she doesn't want their hearts scarred.
So she just decides to hug each one,
And she thinks about what the cancer's done-
It's taken her hair and broken her down,
Yet she smiles because what she has found
Is the love of her family that she'll always know,
Even when He says it's her time to go.
I sit there looking at her, wondering what she's thinking.
She looks so peaceful now,
And you can tell there's no more aching.

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