What Should Have Been Said

I miss the way we connected
Every day I look at your picture
Craving to hear you voice
But the way we fell out
The distance has created a shield
I dream to caress you face once more
Holding on to you just for a second
That is all I want
To hold my only chance of being truly happy
Here I am letting out what should have said in the argument
Our love is pure a once and a lifetime
You leave my heart breaks and I know yours will too
Don't run from me anymore
You are mine always has been always will be
You seek for adventure and no this not me saying to let that go
I'm simply asking if I can be a part of it
Nobody can ever love you the way I do
They only see the outside beauty
I see the inside where she is lost and hurt
But is overcoming it every day and that is why I adore her
Right now she is losing herself to what they want
Hoping she recognizes that this is her life she has control over it
When you are ready come home I'll be waiting
My love still awaits you

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