What the dream taught me….!

I came across bizarre land,
In a deep recondite dream;
I quest for any beings,
Wandering east to west;

At last my eyes stuck at
A nimbly fickly native;
I run towards him, as a
Man elopes to his lover;

I asked him what's this quickness ,
He dragged me to a large queue;
I looked at them with astonishment ,
As I didn't find the beginning ;

I walked around by searching ,
Thus my trip end in a counter ;
I rushed towards the crowded counter,
To see what precious is there;

I noticed the board on the counter ,
Quoting: " Fresh Air and Water ";
I woke up from my dream ,
Hearing winding sound of fan ;

I thought about humans, and
Their attitude to the Earth ;
Scaling towards the summit, and
Lapsing towards the core ;

Thinking about the future,
I come to an astonishing end ;
Fighting for air in the side, and
Fighting for the water in the either ;

Earth is our boon,
Shouldn't be made as moon ;
Save it for the future ,
Preventing from destruction;

Join together to protest,
Against the shallow laws;
Join hand to protect,
Our beloved mother Earth;

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