What They Really Think

They say I'm an artist. They say that I'm brave.
They say that I'm good. They say I behave.
They say that I'm pretty. They say I am funny.
They say that I'm smart – that I'm good with money .

They say all these things, but it's not what they show.
They feel disappointed and think I don't know .

They think that I'm mean. They think that I'm cruel.
They think I can't achieve unless I use a certain tool.
They think that I'm bad. I've heard them say I'm a rebel.
I guess that can be true, just not at that level.
They say I'm no fun when I'm trying to be nice.
I get so confused: Is kindness a vice?
They think I am weird- that I don't belong.
Maybe I am weird, but is being me wrong?
They think I am ugly- inside and out.
I know it's not true- they just want me to pout.

They want me to:cry, be sad, react to what they say.
They find it amusing, which is wrong in everyway.

Yes: People are cruel, but I don't know why.
Even if they're not, people do lie.
People are people- it sort of makes sense.
But who they are- that makes this tense.
In six words, this telling ends:
Those people- they are my "friends".

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