What they Teach

They teach us CPR
But not how to talk someone out of suicide
Or how to stop telling lies
And admit the truth
They teach us healthy eating
So we can stay alive
But they never taught me
how to be safe
from my own mind
Im sick of learning
why Alexander III killed his wife
Instead of how to survive
the screaming of my mind
While embracing
the silence of outside
Tell me, teachers,
How do I become content with who I am
When I never loved who I was
Tell me parents, how an A+ overrules self-respect
And how you'll feel after I am dead
65,000 kids between ages 10-14 commit suicide a year,
half of which no one knew what was going on inside
Yet you still trust us to say when things are not fine
Society teaches us that if we are not our grades we are ticking time bombs,
Never people
And now I will always feel this way
And for once, this time I'll admit I am not okay
Saving someone from injury and teaching history
Is just as important as mental stability.

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This Poems Story

Got a little fed up with the education system trying to tell me what I needed for my disorder. Trying to stress history over my well being and teaching us everything else except self-love. I hope some can relate. I hope we can change the world.