What to believe

everyone is wrong they don't quite fathom what they need to be if life doesn't matter then I need to be free does anyone feel wrong in the emptiness of empathy's greedy domain and I need to get to a place where I feel no pain yes my blood soaked into the pavement I've paid the debt but nothing ever really gets repaid yet did they even understand what I meant we're the odd one's out but everyone is in does anything mean anything maybe in our demons for after all enlightenment comes with a layman's price nothing is the same in anyone's eyes everyone’s to blame but shaming isn't righteous it blinds us no one is to cast the stone unless you're ready to be cast upon the shadows that bind us doesn't matter what we think we are what follows is behind us we think we are really smart but we get everything wrong is anything wrong are we wrong if we're on the path that's right for us as we bleed out wrongs and our comfort zone is a cloud nine of lies can I really live through you or do we have to die to finally understand for the first time I'm sorry if my opinion borders harsh but I digress you'll never see the real us in your fractured mind always outside you'll never realize THE TRUTH THAT WE SET FORTH we're not equal THE ABUSE THAT WE SETTLE FOR everyone is wrong

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