What to change

I’m standing in the mirror every night wondering what’s wrong with me,,
Surrounding my self in sex and booze to cloud all my thoughts,,
Who would’ve thought,my thoughts meant something,,
I sit around all my friends thinking who’s fake and real,,
The thought that my brother would stab me behind my back is something real,,
I wonder , what could I have done different to change my life,,
Pick blue not green, skip not walk, football not soccer ,her not you..,,
In another world I’m happy, achieving all my goals and living life,,
In this world I’m only happy when I think twice,,
Have to watch my back in the street, wear neutral colors so no one think I’m affiliated,,
Watch all cops because the system is really rigged,,
Parents scared to have kids in a word like this, so imagine if your black,,
I walk outside looking nice people are surprised, a black person doing good,,
thats a surprise,,

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