What To Do

If there was a hope for something new
Would I hesitate to go forward with you?
Could I find that forever quiet that resonates with you?
Or would I stay invisible and mute like you're used to

What is the matter am I too needy?
I'm told get rid of him he's too seedy
To the dreams beyond my reach, let it go
When you lack self-worth, seems it's all you know

The turn in the road coming up, will I go left?
Maybe I'll keep going straight and remain bereft
Why is it I am not important enough?
Seems days turn into weeks and you leave in a huff

Tomorrow is gone and today brings new light
For God's sake learn to fight for your life
I'll be a forgotten thought when I'm gone
It wasn't surprising how fast he moved on.

My mind is whirling as if in space
Time with you was a huge mistake
I blame myself, I must've been blind
To put oneself through this, I was so resigned

Then a clarity of vision popped into my mind
It was time to move on, stop feeling so undermined
It was all about him, how could I've been so wrong
Life is a gift, feel proud, be strong and know you belong

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