What Unites Us

Let’s not talk about love,
Nor death, nor alienation.
Let us then talk about us,
Uniting as a nation.
No, it’s not politics,
That creates too many conflicts.
But rather, let’s discuss
What seems to be all the fuss
And that is, being able to cuss.
Cursing is really fun,
Especially when you’re on a run
It’s following social norms,
Or what you scream outside your dorm.
It’s when you hit your pinky toe,
Or see a picture of your greatest foe.
There’s that little word we scream,
When we feel out of luck,
Or maybe the world sucks.
It’s funny, because it rhymes with duck.
Put an F over your tuck,
And scream it nice and loud.
Trust me, your mama will be proud,
Or maybe throw a fit,
Because your finger Charlie bit.
It’s not easy to admit,
But we’ve always put an “h”
Where the p would be in spit.
It’s not easy to just quit,
It requires a little wit
To be able to say it
Without getting hit,
Or getting called a little piece of it.
Maybe you’re a chick,
And you just threw a brick
At that guy that had you sick.
He made you break so many sticks,
So you called him a dirty little nick,
But with a D where the N would be.
Or maybe let’s talk about that
Dirty little witch,
That you just want to throw off a ditch.
She’s the one that gives you a little twitch,
Every time she talks. Maybe she’s a snitch.
Oh, that sneaky little itch,
That just makes you want to add a B in
And let’s just all be blunt,
With the word, we use when a grunt,
Just isn’t enough. Someone usually
Pulls a stunt,
That makes us want to confront,
That scheming little punk,
So, we call them a big old runt,
But we use the letter just in front
Of the D in the alphabet.
Lastly, let’s talk about class,
And how you need it to pass
As a decent person in society.
Maybe you didn’t less us pass
The street, or you threw a little sass.
That will make us yell
something similar to grass,
Except it passes gas.
Cursing is fucking fun,
Especially if you love puns.

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