What was my fault?

I was a selenophile
But now, I love those dark lights.
Trying to hide my profile
Which is no more bright.
My life is only of few hours,
On every new moon which starts.
It had happened far long
Still I don't know what was my fault.
I keep on walking, on that bloody road
And night plays the same episode.
I was on my house's way,
And it was not that away.
It was dark ink spread everywhere,
Only a street light spotted on myself.
The mute street hits vibration on my ears
And I saw some evil dogs turning towards.
Their sharp wild vision scanned my skin,
And teeth gets visible through their devil grin.
They gathered around me
And began to misbehave.
Snatched my scarf,
And threw it somewhere.
I became vocal and tried to defend.
But those dogs were four,
And I was alone.
In few minutes the dumb road became shrill.
My voice was quite loud
But I didn't reached to even a single being.
They go through their amusement and pervert desire fulfilled,
And my body was left to fill those half fed.
The agony was running through every part of skeleton,
But my soul was incapable to lift that burden.
After an hour the spirit was relieved,
But it was feeling light from what it is.
I saw a scene which was brutal enough
Where my soul was separated from my little heart.
Steps were running towards my family,
But life threw me at different destiny.
The same brutality I will keep on experiencing,
Till my soul gets free from it.
Those dogs must be killed in the same vicious way
That they made me go through, on that road way.
I wander here in the hope of release
And to leave this world with the ease.
Still one question runs through my psyche.
Why does it happened and what was my fault....?
- Aditi Shrimant Gawli

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