What We Had

We had love, the kind of mutual unrequited love that only the opposites of attraction could feel,
we had young love but the good die young and what's more indelible than the dead?
Vanity matched only by the mirrors reminding you how you feel on the inside,
feeding on words like a cat after playing with its prey.
I'll break your heart,
said with such Veracity you may have thought it possible at that moment,
you may have been right,
clinging on words, the seduction alone would turn Casanova to a disciple of feelings, left alone in the dark with the pillow you preferred,
preceded by a promise and an emptiness that have unified into a familiar guest who prefers the lights out when you aren't around.
Your lack of presence keeps my days comparable to years,
strung along like I'd just been pulled from depths while feeling less like a catch and more like a catch 22.
I hate it but I waited,
you got colder and words went from holding weight to the weight upon my shoulders, feeling like Atlas when it came crashing
I noticed a disaster lingering and lasting but should have listened and went faster, feeling feelings fester I did my best but you could have done better,
when I pictured us I only thought forever was it ever true,
did you ever miss me like I missed you and think of the last time I pissed you off and you turned your phone off after you told me off?
If you only had three words to tell me everything you thought you heard,
would it just be two nouns and an eccentric verb?
Shocked by an electric touch that nobody felt that we deserved,
it's my past choices, now I eat my just desserts.

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