What Will It Take?

What will it take to make you go away?
How many of your needs must I satisfy?
Wherever I go you’re there, and I’m always aware
You make me want to crawl into a ball and die

So then, what will it take to make you go away?
I’ll meet any price or object of your demands
Whatever I am is amiss, because you’ve reduced me to this
And try as I might, not a single soul understands

Answer me I say! What will it take?
Must I crawl to heaven or hell to beg my absolution?
If indeed divine you are, you’ve left quite a demonic scar
And when I cry to the sky, I am only met with confusion

Are you even there? Do you not hear me shout?
My mind is corrupted by dust, and my blood boils scarlet
With you I feel I’m not a man, and I’m willing to escape however I can
So, do me a kindness, and relinquish me from your target

A final time I beg: What will it take?
To sever the strings, you’ve connected to my soul
There is no suffering that can compare, to your omnipresent scare
So, take from me what you will, and leave whatever remains whole

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