What Words

What words have spread to ears,
They are heard by more than intended.
Actions create a story that has yet to be explained
The wish of words to run smoothly
Yet no such luck in this fault craving society.
They claw at invisible barriers
Only yearning to tear you apart at the core of your belief.
Cruelty twists and tightens slowly around your mind
To a suffocating binding extent
You feel it tearing at you
Cutting all ill will you have against such
Your mind is not your own
You have let yourself being taken over
Beads of sweat representing your nervous twitching
Every breath from anyone other than yourself makes your head jerk
An acute feeling of hatred they did this to you,
Yet they go on living like your life was just another tally
Carved into your own flesh.
A vermillion droplet forms. The skin is still in shock
They see it as meaningless self harm.
They cannot see it as the words
words caged up by your own ignorance
It's your own fault they say
You could've done something they say
You walk with them
Silently in hope they would just stop breathing
Your head jerk reaction
Would fade along with their last breath
Alas to be happy.

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