What Would I Call You?

In grief, you'd be my tears
in happiness, I'd call you smile
In snow, you'd be my cave
In desert, I'd call you Oasis
a guide, if I'd go around places
Freedom, if I were a slave
Shade in sun, to rest a while
And memories; in my last years.

If a farmer, I'd call you rain
If a king, you would be my crown
If a poet, I'd call you imagination
If a warrior, you'd be my courage
a ray of hope, if I'm in my dark age
a listening voice, if I am in isolation
a helping hand, if I were to drown
A healing touch, if I am in pain.

If we were a couple, I'd give you cheesy name
.And funny names, if we were just friends
But here I am, not sure where we are
and so a name, I just can't choose.
To find a word, my imagination let loose
That means all these things you are
And I see my pursuit always ends
With just one word and that's your name!

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