What you do for love

I smile and comfort those who are lost
Despite the fact that I too am lost
I help them out of the forest
In the hopes that I too would get out
In the end it’s futile
Their path is different from my own
I have to deal with my path
The path which takes me through thickets of memories
Memories of the forgotten
The pained
The abused
The unloved
All because of one selfish child
A selfish child who didn’t know what was coming next
The unthinkable, unimaginable, horrible paths
Paths take us where we need to go
Or where we think we need to go
Each path is different
And so is the experience that comes with it
Who are we to judge what paths others have gone down
We don’t know their past experiences
Or them
Just like the selfish child who assumed
And blamed herself and suffered because of it
That child never thought of the paths
The paths that would one day help her

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