What You Don’t Know

What You Don’t Know:
The words you used to harm her
You don’t say them anymore
Now she says them to herself

She repeats them over and over

The lies that you would spread
The rumors you would start
They may not have stuck with you

But they’ve remained locked in her heart

You haven’t given her a second thought
After all, you were only kids
But she’s remembered you

And your comments made of whips

Inside her there is anger
She holds onto that pain
You haven’t thought of that time in years

But she remembers everything
The anger and the bitterness
It swallows her up inside
The tears and the heartache

It eats her alive

To this day she struggles
With the words you spoke so long ago
To this day she is broken

And you would never even know

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This Poems Story

I hope that this speaks for itself. However, in the long run, this poem speaks about peoples words and actions, and how we never truly know the pain and impact they can have on others. No matter your age, no matter the situation, we always remember the hurt.