What You Have Done

It has been a year now, but it has felt like a century
somehow I still can’t erase it from my memory
Almost a year since that night
The night where you ruined my life
You’ve given me this memory that I can’t seem to erase
I can’t even imagine if you had made it to home base
This didn’t stop you then, but here’s a thought
I was drunk and you were not
I know you’re a boy so the rules are bent
But my shorts are not consent
You branded me with a purple “love” mark across my neck
Out in the open so I could trek
Around school with all the whispers
The talking
The gossip
The lying
Because of you, I went back to therapy
Can’t you see what you’ve done to me?
You’ve given me a memory to remember till the end
And for what? To get back at my best friend?
I hope I never see you again because I would just yell
And tell you how you have put me through hell
With the Flashbacks
The fear
Why can’t you see what you have done to me

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