What You Have Done

I feel so alone so distant
Locked in the night we don’t even say goodbye
I’m trying to mend my heart again
Don’t know how well my soul can bend
I’m alone here
I feel so tempted feel the sin
Can’t be bothered to give in
Because I just can’t handle anymore lies
You all say you care
Know me so well like best morales
Where were you these past five years
Where I gave my heart and soul
Made you all smile and lol
Where was my reward
With harmful words
I’m such a bitch
Sorry I put you all first
I can’t keep giving my all
When it breaks me in the end
You say you care
When I show I’m in pain you blocked me out
Act like you didn’t hear a thing
It’s eating me so much
Yet you see no pain
Well I can see the scars
When someone shows a caring hand
I don’t know what I did
I want to hide away
When others treat me the same
Think I don’t deserve
Think I’m not worth their time
Because these are the lies
They have built around me
I wear my mask and do my deeds
Come to never expect a thing
Push myself aside I’m not worth the space
That’s what I’ve been taught
No am I not alone
I have finally found a home
It’s far away where all of you condemn
It’s nearby where you don’t show to care
How can I open up when you disrespect my trust
Not your intentions well that’s tough luck
All you have done is cause me pain
But you can’t get past the smile that I fake

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