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What you see!

By TDean   

Some will see the beauty of the flowers
as they bloom in the spring.
And some will hear the beauty of
birds as they chirp and sing.
Some will see the colorful leaves that
fill the trees.
While some will be able hear the sound of the
the Honeybees.
Some will see the sunrise as a start of
a new day.
While some see sunset as a
time we can find our way.
While others will only see flowers when they
whither and die.
And some will only see the
leaves on the trees when they are
brittle and dry.
When they hear the birds
chirp they say it's annoying chatter.
Sunrise or sunset to them doesn't
really matter.
So try your best to see things in a positive light.
Because we only given one life....ONE LIFE....
that's right!

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