What You See

Who do you see when you look
Do you see someone new or old
Do you see brightness or gray
Do you see what you can't have or all of the possibilities ahead
Can you see past what people say or do you only see their words
Do you see your wounds or your strength
Do you see fat or skinny
White or black
Can you look at yourself and not be ashamed
Can you honestly say that you love you
Do you see only the good
Can you see how beautiful you are
Can you see that it doesn't matter
If you're white or black
Male or female
Religious or not
As long as you are you
You should see
That you are new however old you are
And that you are bright no matter how dark you seem
That you have all of the possibilities ahead of you
And that you are strong, confident, and beautiful
As long as you are you
And now you should see
All that you can be

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