Whatever you need

Heap on all your troubles,
weaken me, I do not care.
Frailty does not faze me,
place them here, I’ll take your share.
My mind will not be dampened,
If my life is judged unfair.
The judge does not know me,
I know all have their cross to bare.

I will take your blazing arrows,
Your false friends knife from your back.
I will take for you your broken trust,
and give back what you lack.

Ill never stop, I won’t give up,
in you I will believe.
I will be waiting here for you,
whenever someone leaves.

I’ll hug you close and not let go,
until you’re back to good,
I’ll hear your cries and screams and shouts,
like every good dad should.

ill hear them when you’re silent,
and I’ll hear them when you talk.
I’ll see in you the truth of you,
I’ll know by how you walk.
I’ll know by how you hold your head,
I’ll know by how you laugh.
I hope you know that as a team,
we’ll cut your hurt in half.

And when life knocks you down and out,
Please, Oscar, turn to me.
Whatever’s said to you,
will flow with love and will come free.

And when you’re speaking to me,
and you’re speaking of your day,
I’ll listen to the words you speak,
intent on what you say.

You will be heard and loved and safe, whenever I am near.
I hope by being strong for you,
with me you feel no fear.

Of course life’s not just doom and gloom,
I promise that you’ll see.
The best part of it all is that,
the best of life is free.

I will be cheering for you,
In all that you achieve.
In you I see a spark,
the likes of which I can’t believe.

So bright and full inside of you,
Now leaking at the seams.
I’ll help you light the spark the day,
the leaks build into streams.

The day I see you all grown up,
no more my baby O,
Will be a day I’m filled with pride,
and more than you could know.
Equal then, for once and all
your strength like mine will show.
Just know here still I’ll wait for you
On days your monsters grow

And when I’m getting old,
and to the twilight of my years,
I’ll think back to my times with you,
with eyes welled up with tears.

I hope your life is easy,
and I hope you live stress free.
But if it’s not and if you don’t,
take what you must from me.

I’ll be fulfilled and happy,
if I know that you’re alright.
Your happiness is what feeds me,
your peace provides my light.

No matter where you go in life,
or where your path may lead,
I’m here, I love you Osc, my boy,
no matter what you need.

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This Poems Story

My full poem, written for my young son, Oscar. I have always appreciated the creative arts, and wanted to try my hand in it. One night, I found some unexpected inspiration when the final stanza popped into my mind. It is basically a sentimental ode to my son, one I think all parents could relate to, about what we’re willing to give up for the success and happiness of our children.