Whatever You Say…

You tell me this is not the end,
You tell me we can still be friends,
Is that what we were all along,
Just two companions, one short, one long.

Or was it more than the eye could see,
Did I love you, and you love me?
More like lust between us two,
That’s all it was for me and you.

You can only deal with it the best you can,
Since you knew all along you just should’ve ran,
Ran away from the very start,
It was clear what was happening and you chose to take part,

Even though you knew the stakes,
It’s obvious you never cared if the other heart breaks,
Nor did you care what happened to the mind,
Of that in which you fucked (over) all the time.

There’s a lot to take from a situation like this,
Like some will lie to create such bliss,
Or just to get out of you what they really want,
They’ll try to put you down and leave you with self daunt.

Well it’s time to bring that back, show your confidence with pride,
I definitely don’t need you on my side,
You say we’ll be friends, well that’s kind of a joke,
What will we do, sit in silence and smoke?

I have nothing more to say to you,
Except maybe in passing the casual “How do you do?”
But even that is a little far fetched,
It makes sense now when Sam said she was sketched.

So here now kids, is the moral of the story,
Don’t listen to what’s said that sounds like such glory,
For you too will be able to see,
That truth comes with time like the blossoms on a tree.

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