Whatever You Want

You have never been caught,
No one knows what you hold,
We could never be taught,
You scare the shit out of the bold,
Some people close to you think of you as terribly cold.
You come at the most unexpected times,
You do not differentiate between young or old,
Sometimes you attack when people at their primes,
You can sometimes be sold,
But everyone you attack gets holed.
When you come for me I become ageless,
Everyone knows you are uncontrolled,
When you catch me, I go to a place of darkness,
For the darkness you uphold,
Your story could never be told.
You have no face,
There is no chance of you ever being foretold,
You come at your own pace,
You will help to push me over the threshold,
What is on the other side is completely untold.
You are thought to strike when people are careless,
Some people believe when you attack, they get a redo,
You seem to be formless,
When you come some probably would try to argue,
But no matter what, no one can outrun you.

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