What’s Glowing In The Skylight

All is still into the night
The sky is dark no moon tonight
The stars so bright
When I noticed something glowing
In the skylight

I remember thinking that's not right
Just then it zipped out of sight in some very unique flight
reappearing so bright in the still of the night
Oh what is this light that glows in the skylight
Whatever it is I can see it much clearer
It appears to be coming near should I fear
This glowing atmosphere

I can feel my temperature rise
As the fear fills my eyes
I'm not sure what is floating in the skies
Nobody is going to believe what came to visit from up so high
As I assure them this is no lie
About this spaceship, I saw eye to eye

I just hope they pass on bye
I know they are not of God so I will not be asking why
They will not bother me for they can see
I'm standing with the almighty
So just let me be standing here free
You watching me

Then in a flash, it made a crazy dash
Across the skylight
As the glow disappeared into the night
Oh what a fright nobody is going to believe
What happened to me tonight

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This Poems Story

I had never had a real life encounter until the eclipse in 2017 when I captured 11 photos of these spaceships all over the total darkness of the eclipse. Real image in one of my photos I took you can see the jet in the same picture.