What's Her Name?

She carefully places bandages over her wounds trying to conceal the pain.
She puts a blindfold over her eyes to shut out the darkened times in
her life to keep her confused mind sane.
She generates an inward surge of power and energy that's transmitted
into laughs and smiles to compensate the hurt and disdain.
She tapes a gag across her mouth so no one can distinguish the
muffled words behind it that she mumbles to herself in shame.
There's a hole in her heart and a void in her arms from the loss
of a loved one she only speaks to God about when she's praying.
Her hands are tied with ropes of fear that bind her from doing
the things that will bring her wealth and fame.
She carries a huge chip on her shoulder making her lack of progress
being the fault of others and her circumstances the reason and the blame.
She's somebody!. She's everybody!. She's anybody!.
Can you give her a name?

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