What’s Important to Me

Everyday that I wake up is another day to give God the glory.
As I open my eyes life comes within me, so here's my story.
My thoughts be racing and rushing as my mind tries to unfold itself.
I feel brave and then scared but soon I ask for Gods help.
Help me to know that life is still existing with such power & truth.
He says to me if you believe in I, then I will believe in you.
Take my unchanging hand and tell the world about me and my son.
" Why me I ask? " He says, Because you are the chosen one.
So I go on in this great big world living day by day.
As my Pastor say," You will meet all walks of life along the way."
I'm still growing and aging with such wisdom and grace.
I live life to the fullest by putting smiles on people face.
Having my ups with my down days is what makes life so unique.
While keeping Jesus Christ on my mind and in my heart when I speak.
Don't do as I do for I am not you.
But do what you feel in your heart and that will be your truth.

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