What's it all about

So what's it all about?
By Dan Bickert

In mortal pursuit of our destiny
We may all be going forth
In this life we all take a course
Some, their own, some others do as they’re told
And some take those that have been taken before
Or have been told to take
Or those they have been told should be taken
Some of us follow
And some of us were born to lead
We are all different
And this is part of what gives us uniqueness and makes us different
Individuality, independent thought, and diversity
Even though we may all be individuals
With different traits, different makeup, and different takes
What we share are our commonalities and our humanity
At all hours the things of this world are so much with us
Like human nature and nature’s dominion
Largesses it is, I say, for all of us
And covetous many of us are of worldly things
Spirituality some look for in their lives to feel something deeper
And what it’s all about is what fills our wants, needs, and desires

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