What’s my Type

Moulds to seek I am in a hype,
Wondering what's special about a type?
Is it so important to conform,
Break yourself to be formed...
But still needed to give it a try,
I wonder what's my type...

Dipped in sugars,decorated in lace,
Sights from which you cant get away...
One's the crowd drools behind,
But that's not me to your dismay....
Pity me! Am a simpleton little unriped,
I wonder what is my type?

Nor a tomboys neither a traditional fit,
Rather than holding upto the power...
I would prefer to be called a misfit..
I am not a rebel never been under tripe,
I so wonder what is my type?

Being moulded in stereotype,
Your drawn regulation something I dislike..
Demands holds the crowd,,
Cages prison pets...
I am wild melody dancing over frets...
To all girls out there,,
Who belong here with me?
We don't define a type,,
We are bubbles blown to move free...

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