What’s the difference

What’s the difference between you and a rose?
A roses beauty is only to be admired
But once touched it brings pain
Your beauty let’s off a warm glow
That circles the globe and caresses all those who bask in it.
What’s the difference
Between myself and a broken mirror
A broken mirror helps everyone even minutely see themselves
While myself can only see hurt and pain because I’m the one who broke it.
With hands clenched around the thorny rose and blood drips from my hand. At least I can say I helped those people see what they couldn’t.
What’s the difference between me and every other guy?
I’m a fool, but not like the rest of them
That I’m fly and not your average typical kinda guy
And what I mean by that is that I lay myself flat
Becoming 2D so you can see all of me
I know 3D would be better but that shows the scars too
I’ve been hurt every time I’ve met someone new
And I’m totally praying its different with you
A date would be nice, so we can talk about life
A date would be nice, so we can forget daily strife
So what’s the real difference between you and a rose?
I’m not afraid of getting hurt should you allow me to pick you.
What’s the real difference between me and a broken mirror?
I don’t bring bad luck and I can still function while seeing the whole picture.
That’s the difference.
Jaylen A. Cheek

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