What’s The Point?

So tired of the arguing,
the miscommunication.
When you are mad,
there is no talking.
When I'm mad,
I just feel like destroying.
Sometimes I just want you to know how it feels,
how it feels to care about anothers feelings.
Most the time I just want to ask you,
what's the point in us,
what's the point in feeling,
what's the point in this?
Yes I want to know what goes through my mind,
I want to know if I even cross yours,
and if I do why don't you tell me,
I want to meet the guy I fell in love with,
the guy that told me he loves me first.
It's like I'm lost in the sea of dreams,
drowning in my sorrows never able to breathe fresh air,
you have always been my dream,
and too bad you don't see it.
How could you want to live with me,
but can't even see me through,
see me through on my interest,
but you seem to ignore me instead when you are mad.

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