What’s Wrong With Me?

What's wrong with me that he doesn't want me?
What's wrong with me that he doesn't see me?
Doesn't see the love I have for him
The fire that burns in my belly
Intertwined with my very soul
Deep in the depths of my belly it burns
Like dry ice forbidden to the touch
What's wrong with me that he can't see any of this?
He says he loves me
He says he cares
He just doesn't see himself with me
So again I ask, what's wrong with me?
How can we make love,
Oh the wild sin of it,
Yet not be together?
Together I see us making magic, our souls enmeshed,
Our eyes coming alive with fire each time they meet
Do you see my dilemma my friend?
I beg of thee, for one last time...
What's wrong with me?

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