What’s Wrong with You?

I constantly get questioned and belittled,
I am who I am, I like what I like.
Why isn't that enough? Why don't I suffice?
I did not asked to be crucified.
The face that you see can't possibly be me,
the real, true me, can't possibly be seen.
I am always observant and my perceptions are obscene,
the tabloids that I read always seem to perturb me.
Why the hell is everyone so judgmental
when the most common used term is,"Only God can judge me"?
What's wrong with me?
Is it because I am the strange one, the weird one,
I apologize for not reaching your expectations, society.
Who can I talk to?
No one, because this piece of paper
seems to be the only thing that actually understands me.
Why open up anyway?
I am simply too much,
I talk a lot, hell.
Half the words I know, I can't even spell.
What's wrong with me?
I'm injured and some days I can't even walk.
Every time I hear "What's up Crip,"
No one has a clue how much it pisses me off.
It is the power in me that goes unseen to you,
I observe, I collect knowledge,
what do you do?
Rather than getting all up in my grill,
and asking what's wrong with me,
How about I ask, What the hell is wrong with you?

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