When sorry hurts worse than the inflicted wound because it's never sincere

When the tears become commonplace without comfort

When love feels like a noun instead of a verb

When you feel a frustration that makes it impossible to speak in a way that makes any kind of sense

When your heart is broken into a million pieces and you forget that's not okay

When you say important things that go unheard

When you forget what it feels like to smile and laugh

When you crave a love that you deserve and long for the affection that you so desperately need

When you feel like an afterthought

When you allow someone to dictate your feelings and you hand over your power

When you feel like a bird in a cage with your wings tied

When you are living in the twilight zone on the brink of insanity

When you hang on to words that are never followed by actions

When you know that you've tried everything possible to change all of the above mentioned and you are still willing to give more

When you feel like a fool for believing and holding onto hope

When you understand that enough is enough and take action to get your life back

When you finally realize that you are responsible for showing people how to treat you

When you become accountable for being accustomed to being treated like shit

When you see things for what they are

When you muster the strength to do what ever it takes to find a way to be okay

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