When I have outbursts
When I cannot talk
When I can’t breathe
When it’s hard to look at myself in the mirror
When I wish I could rip off parts of myself
When I’m tempted to relapse
When I lie to people
When I push away my friends
When I’m angry
When I just want to punch a wall
When I wish that the world was different
When I wonder what the world would be like without me
When I wonder if I belong here
When I think I’m a mistake
When I feel unwanted
When I just to be loved
When I’m bored
When I feel alone
When I panic
When I can’t bring myself to smile
When someone tells a joke and I’m static
When someone tells me to laugh
When I hear whispers behind me
When I can’t move
When I can’t love myself

I know that it will all pass
Because there are people who will stay with me
Even throughout all of this
So when I can’t love myself
Other people will

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