She looked up in the sky as her eyes screamed
Asking unanswered questions
But her voice audible only as a light whisper
She asked, "Ma when did the world become so cruel that
the only melody out of a girl's mouth is a whimper?"

He looks in the water as he sees a reflection
Not of himself but of the society's lack of affection
"They say we can't express ourselves because we are men
But little does anyone see those innocent
Eyes wondering when?"

When did we become a race to commit such crimes
That tremble humanity to its core?
When did we become a race that doesn't
Allow justice anymore?

We need to pay heed,
The sliver between good and evil is becoming feeble
It isn't Satan who we should blame for these problems
Rather take it upon ourselves to solve them.

As good and evil resides in all of us
It's time for us to choose the good
Before the evil, destroys all of us to dust.

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