When does the I do in a vow turn into I which I hadn't. When does i'll be with you forever and now turn into no more I've had it. When do I love yous become I hate you more than anything in this world. When does someone go from feeling butterflies to feeling their stomach curl. When do two people in a bedroom with closed doors so no one can see or hear, become one locked in the bathroom so no one can witness the tears. Allowing holding hands to become ones that are just smacked away. How do answered prayers become prayers asking for strenth to stay just one more day. Once Passionatly caressed skin becoming unexplainably bruised flesh, giving your all to a life that's returned nothing but a slow emotional death. Turning appreciation of all into expectations of the same. Transforming the willing into a slave minus the shackles and the chains. Yet still maintained is the masquerade of marriage and blessings. Covered up so well with fascades and dressings. Hiding the wounds so deep most are unable to notice. Left to feel as if it were meant for them to be alone and hopeless. Unfortunate it is for without change it will continue on day after day. For once hope is gone, all that's left is to walk away.

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