When a Oak Loves a Wildflower

When the oak, who sowed his oats fruitfully with a brazen wildflower.
Begin to wither from the passions he bloomed in the bedding a rose.
A empty butterfly cocoon, will gracefully fall beneath his leaves.
As new life blows butterfly kiss to the one his heart truly receives
As the seasons come and go
The wildflower ask the blowing away dandelions,
Should I stay or should I go? Does he love me or Does he love me not?
And the dandelion flowers would always say.
One day, a season of love will come.
And all what was lost, will not be forgot.
But remember, true love cannot be taught.
And if true love is meant to be. He'll return his love, upon to thee.
For what is meant, will always be.
And if love is in eyes of the beholder. One day, he'll truly see!
When Rainbows fade away across a rising sun, before a sky turn blue.
And white clouds turn ash gray, on a bright sunny day.
When a ribbon in the sky for love, has fell beneath the gloomy skies.
Where it lays in the palms of a sunset, where the stars never rise.
As the redness in love and the sadness of blue,
turns into purple rain when he's missing you.
When he thinks about the memories he kept close to his heart.
And wonder's why did he let his true love part.
As he sadly realize he should have never let you go.
Because in his thoughts, he's always thinking of you.
And missing all the wild and crazy things you use to do.
Because in his heart, he knows he loves you too!

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